We will cater to your needs.

We listen carefully to our community and reinvent ourselves accordingly.
Day and night.
Our Baristas are trained to prepare the best foam that compliments our special 100% arabica coffee blend.
Our menu will offer an assortment of unrepeatable sandwiches and nutritious salads and soups.


We are highly experienced in bringing people together.

We love pushing individuals to thrive while being part of something bigger than themselves.
Barter was born in the minds of the people behind
the best IT CowOrKing space in the region. They dreamt of a place where these humans will exchange world-altering ideas, knowledge and experience, while having fun, a bite and a drink.


Celebrate good times, come on!

We believe that people should vent after a hard day's work and casually meet the people within the community.
Imagine team-buildings on a daily basis. 
Stimulating board games, cinema nights, musicians playing live and beyond. All this while responsibly having a drink or two and discussing the current state of affairs.

Celebrate holidays.
Celebrate Mondays.
Celebrate achievements.
Celebrate growth.
Celebrate colleagues.
Celebrate friendships.

Celebrate it all.

Located on top of an emblematic ex-sewing factory, Barter showcases an alluring interior that compliments the breath-taking exterior.
Although built to be 100% work-friendly, it's designed to make people escape the banality of monotony.

ThE AFtEr-woRk
Go-tO PlAcE

There’s no need to ping your mates to come up here – by the time you arrive, they'll be already having their first delicious drink.

Marvel at the majesty of VItosha mountain and overlook the growth of the city that doesn't age.


Sofia, a metropolis in the making, has very few top floor terraces that are open to everyone.
Ours is one of a kind.
We know the importance of open spaces and how they influence and help the psyche.

Everything that you need in one place.
Firm tables, beautiful furniture, a myriad of sockets, fully equipped meeting rooms and a bar that offers catering.


From coming on your own to do some work, to hosting an event for 90 people, we will make sure that all your wishes are granted.

UpcOmIng EveNts

Barter is proudly hosting everything from tech-related conferences to karaokes. From wine tastings to startup launch parties. You are cordially invited to participate in any of them and host your own.

BooK nOW

vIsIT uS


Go through the main entrance of BUSINESS CENTER VITOSHA.
Take the elevator to the 6th floor and then climb a few stairs to the rooftop.

OpEnIng HourS

9AM - 11PM
9AM - 11PM
9AM - 11PM
9AM - 11PM
9AM - 11PM
3PM - 11PM